About me

I always enjoyed designing things. After a brief start in math education I switched to design in college, quickly fell in love with it and the rest is history. I was able to design at a church while still in school which helped me land an internship with Vintage Guitar Magazine. The internship turned into a job but after a year I was called back to ministry and have been at Century Baptist Church ever since as their Design and Communication Director. 

Along the way I have picked up a variety of freelance endeavors which included being the sole designer for two different magazines. These past two years have also sharpened my videography skills. The church I work for went virtual for a season, which meant I was filming and producing 60 minute videos each week. But don’t get me wrong, it was a blast!

my skills

  • InDesign – 98%
  • Illustrator – 60%
  • Photoshop – 80%
  • Premiere Pro – 85%