Logo Design

John Galt

Production Company

This particular client asked for a text centric logo. They wanted edgy, clean, and intriguing.


Church Branding

Missio Church wanted branding that stood out but wasn’t complicated. They asked for the logo to be based on the ‘M’ and didn’t want the icon to look churchy. Missio also wanted variations of the logo to use for t-shirt designs and other promotional items.


Kids In Discipleship Community

This ministry wanted clean edges but also a logo that kids would like and get excited about! The logo and elements of the logo have been used for name tags, postcards, t-shirts, and hallway signage.

Century Baptist

Church Branding

Century Baptist had a logo they had been using for decades and wanted the new logo to maintain the character of the original logo. Specifically, the leaf which reflects their mission statement.

GO Speaks

Geremy Olson Speaks

Geremy Olson is a public speaker who was in need of branding to reflect his growing speaking career. He wanted something that was more modern and would appeal to the young adult generation.

Young Disciples

Kid's Ministry

Young Disciples is a Kid’s Ministry that started within a church plant. They wanted a logo that was similar to their church logo but with a twist for kids!